Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Darren Prater - The Songs

Pastor John,

On the way home last night I was listening to the songs of mine that are going on the CD, listening for anything that didn’t sound right in case I needed to make any last minute changes. Well, after a minute or so I got lost in the songs and just drove along enjoying the words and feelings from them. All the way home it was "Amen", "Man, that’s good", "Thank you Jesus", etc. I love the words in these songs. They say something and they mean something. They touch people’s lives and they heal hearts. They are not songs to make money from or songs to impress people with. The world is so very backward. Singers in the world sing songs to make themselves rich. These songs that we sing make us all rich.

Some are songs that we have written to share our experiences and to share thoughts we are having with others. Some are songs from the heart of God for us. He gives them to His Son to give to us for our benefit and the benefit of anyone who will hear them. Whether written by us or given from the Lord, they are all inspired by God.

I do not know why He has chosen me for the part I have in the body, but I thank God for using me like He has in this music, and I pray that He will allow me to continue on for many years. I thank God that I can see and feel the difference between our music and everything else out there. People can feel something different in these songs, but to understand what they are saying takes knowing the Father and Son, knowing good from evil, knowing what is of man and what is of God.You have taught me more about God than I ever thought I could know. Thank you for being available to God and for sharing with us what He has taught you. It has helped me in my life. It is still helping me in my life. Through your teaching and our learning, we have understanding, and that is priceless.

Thank you,



Hi Darren:

Several years ago, when I first felt the anointing that is on you for God's children, I told some folks in my house, "That man has authority from God to make music for His children." I had never felt that before from anyone. I agree that the music that God is giving us here, from you and from others, is very special music. It has a way of finding unlocked doors to people's hearts and has the power to fill lonely chambers with hope.

The feelings in this music we are producing are needed by God's abused children. It is not Christian music; it is music from Jesus to us, and it is full of selfless love and healing for all.Right now, Brother Rob has over thirty new songs in the computer waiting for him to have the time to finish the engineering. My, I wish there were four of him! We are excited about getting this holy music out to people, but it seems to be such a slow, tedious process at times. I hope that all our friends around the country and the world will be in prayer for Rob and the others who must do the hard work needed to make these songs available.

Pastor John


  1. Hi John,

    I, too, remember the first time I heard brother Darren sing at your house. I was overwhelmed with the anointing of God in his songs that the Lord had given him.

    I will never forget that day, the day that God started singing straight to my heart and by-passing everything else, and it just made me melt before him. It was just what I needed and still do.



    Dear Brother Stuart,

    How well do I remember that night! I was completely humbled by God with Darren's songs. I found myself in a heap on the floor before the Lord, begging for forgiveness for the cold, proud heart I had in my life. The love of God can make you humble yourself, and be thankful for the opportunity to do it! I didn't even know God sings until I heard it in one of Darren's songs.

    Pastor John

  2. Hey Daddy.

    When I am going through a lonely time, or when I didn't know what to think, I have had times where Brother Darren's music has lifted me up again. I can put all his songs onto one playlist and hit "random", and normally one will play that I need to hear. Kind of like the Urim and the Thummim. Sometimes it has been what I've wanted to hear, and sometimes it has been a song that meant other things at the time... but we have songs that people can trust- God can be found in them.

    And then there are times when I was not hurting, when I just was listening. His song "You Know This of Me" made me feel very much closer to God than many other times, and I really am thankful that such songs as that have been available in my life. "You Still Don't Believe In Me" is a song that has touched me and others I know, over and over again. And it is followed on Night Music 2 by Uncle Gary's "Say, 'I Believe'". Some people sadly don't want or don't appreciate the music- but for those who do want it, yet do not have it available! I hope that Jesus will open the floodgates soon. I hope that soon the circle will be unbroken, so that the blood of Christ can flow easily in the body, bringing life to member after member.

    And I pray for those who don't seem to want a part in the truth they have heard. There is a great blessing to be had for those who endure, and I hope someday to be found worthy of such a blessing. It comes from Jesus alone, and he is already blessing us with the appetizer of music.