Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In God's Presence

After Uncle Joe had been healed of cancer, he continued to receive a disability check from the government until his health so much improved that the checks were discontinued. During the time that he was receiving the checks, he was consumed with Bible study and writing little messages which, to this day, almost no one has ever read. The following quote is taken from one of those little messages. It is a wisdom that is obtained only by those who find themselves utterly alone with God. This is the place Uncle Joe found himself in 1959 when he was given no more than ninety days to live. He spent the remaining thirty-seven years of his life praising God and testifying of the value of finding oneself alone with God.

“The nearer we get to God, the harder we seek Him
because in His presence, we feel our weakness.”

1 comment:

  1. I love how the truth always replaces some burden, large or small, with the pure love of God.

    I have felt, at times, a bit discouraged to feel so "weak" - so helpless and in need of God. It is such an ENCOURAGEMENT to read these words from Uncle Joe (from God really!), to let me to know that as we near God's presence, that's how one is SUPPOSED to feel.

    Jesus truly relieves us of our burdens, and replaces them with His peace. Thank you Uncle Joe - thank you Jesus.