Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trinitarian Discussion Group

I was invited recently to join a Christian discussion group based in Great Brittain. I was invited by the leader of the group because she had read an article I wrote concerning the Father and the Son, and she thought the other members of this invitation-only group would be interested. I gave it a try. What I found there were amateur theologians, throwing around big words that none of them understood and quibbling over issues that didn't even matter, or in some cases, even make sense. After making a few replies to some comments there, I decided just to post the following few comments and move on. Maybe somebody in the group is sincerely looking for true relief from that pretentious madness.

My post:

There is no such thing in heaven as a Holy Trinity of three (no, one) co-equal, co-eternal person/s who make up the one (no, three) true God. It is Christian mythology not found in the Bible, and for good reason.  The Father is a person, with a body, the Son is a person, with his own body, and the Spirit is the holy, eternal life they share.  There is nothing more to it than that.

As for the old argument that the Spirit is a person because it is said to do things that only a person can do, please take the time to find out what the Bible says that YOUR spirit can do.  Paul even told the Corinthians that his spirit would be with them when they met.   Did Paul teach that HIS spirit was a person?   And if HE had a son, would he, his son, and his spirit then comprise "a Trinity of co-equal persons" who would then make up the real Paul, in homoousiac, ontological essence? *sigh* Can't you see the nonsense of it all, my friends?

As for the Son being called "God", others were also called "god" who were anointed by God, including Moses and Israel's leaders.  Besides, as the author of Hebrews states, the Son was God's agent for creating "the worlds", later pointing out that, surely, the one who created things deserves the tile, "God" (especially if Moses and others bore that title).

Be real, now.  None of you understands or can explain your own trinitarian terms, such as "the essence of God", "equal, ontological Trinity" and other such non-sensical, trinitarian language.   Let Jesus relieve you of the burden of carrying that excess, empty baggage around, "lest, as the serpent led Eve astray by his craftiness, your thoughts should be led astray from the simplicity that is in Christ."