Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Price of the Truth

You have put away my acquaintance far from me;
you have made me an abomination to them.   I am shut up,
and I cannot come forth.  Lover and friend have you put far from me,
and my acquaintance into darkness.”
Psalm 88:8, 18

Loving the truth in Christ comes at a price.  Perhaps the hardest price to pay is that of lonely, reasonless ostracism and a cold contempt for your life and your feelings.  Jesus said that men would cast you out from their company if you loved him.  He knew.  Men cast him out for loving his Father.
The truth is an abomination to those who do not love it, and if you do love it, you will become an abomination to them, too, just as Jesus was.  Prepare your heart to pay the price of the truth.  In the long run, the truth is well worth the painful price you will pay.