Saturday, July 15, 2017

God Does Not Get Over Some Sins

And Jehovah said to Samuel . . . “I have sworn to the house of Eli that
I will damn myself if the iniquity of Eli’s house
will ever be covered over by sacrifice or offering.”
1Samuel 3:11, 14

There are some evils which God will not forgive.  For example, the high priest Eli sinned greatly by not stopping his sons when he saw them grossly and repeatedly abuse God’s people who came to worship Him.  Long before that, the prophet Balaam greatly sinned by teaching the Moabites to seduce God’s people into joining them in idolatrous worship (Num. 25; 31:16).  Over a thousand years later, Jesus still had not gotten over that; he was still angry about what Balaam did to God’s people (Rev. 2:14).
There are some things God does not get over.  And there are some things we’re not supposed to get over, either.