Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Common Sense vs the Spirit of God

Sometimes, people with common sense can see the lack of wisdom in a law that officials pass.  In that case, people with common sense will sometimes transgress the law and be arrogant and bold with it.  But God’s children are not supposed to be led by common sense, but by the Spirit, and the Spirit will lead us to obey the laws men make unless a law commands us to do something contrary to a commandment of God.  I have heard lately some grumblings among us about the orders from our governor concerning the corona virus restrictions, and that troubles me.  Do not be stubborn and rebellious.  The governor’s stay-at-home order does not contradict any of God’s commandments.  Obey it, and please God!
Jesus had common sense, but he did not allow himself the pleasure of being led by it.  He once told the leaders of Israel, “I have many things to say and to judge concerning you, but [I’m not going to do that because] my Father is true.”  Jesus only did and said what his Father wanted him to do and say.  Let us all follow his example.