Friday, November 20, 2015

Only the Truth within Reveals the Truth Without

You cannot know anybody or anything rightly, except by the Truth.  I have judged people to be courageous in faith, but seen Jesus expose them as cowardly by showing them the Truth.  They were courageous only as long as they embraced a faith that the world would not hate them for embracing.  When the Truth came to them, I saw them as Jesus saw them, and as he had seen them all along.  In exposing their hearts, the Truth forced me to surrender my high opinion of them and to trust God’s judgment instead.  The Truth also forced me to put up my sword when dealing with God’s children, for I saw them as defenseless and frightened, in spite of how mighty they appeared to be.
The curtain behind which God’s frightened little children most often try to hide is the curtain of religious appearances.  I saw them in a vision, and it humbled me!  With impressive religious titles and exalted church positions, they disguise their frightened little hearts, and their disguise works well.  Many of God’s littlest children have grey hair, for they have been little children for a long, long time.  Their résumé is impressive, and long.  When they hear the Truth, they put on an act of authoritative indignation at it, but God knows their hearts and He showed them to me.  They are, in reality, just frightened little children.  Sometimes, they may do very hurtful things to God’s true servants as part of their act, but their heavenly Father still loves them because He sees them as they really are.  Do we?
Jesus made me understand that if God ever used me to coax God’s little ones out of their hiding places and into the light, I would first have to love His little children as He did, even the ones who were haughty against the Truth.  Love alone, God’s healing love, will rescue them.  Jesus made me understand that without God’s kind of love, I would be useless to Him because I would be useless to His frightened little ones.
Jesus commanded us not to judge by what we can see and hear; that is, not to judge people by what they seem to be, by the titles they have or the positions they hold.  Only a knowledge of the Truth enables us to obey that commandment.  As David once said to God, “In your light, we shall see light” (Ps. 36:9).  Only with Truth from God will we ever see what God sees about people and feel what He feels toward them.  Pray for that Truth!  Only with the Truth of God living in us will we ever see the Truth about anyone or anything.