Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wanted: Alive Only

The dead do not praise the LORD; nor do any that go down into silence.
But we will bless the LORD from this time forth and for evermore.
Psalm 115:17–18

Notice, please, that the psalmist redefines death as a spiritual condition instead of a physical condition.  According to him, the dead are those among God’s people who are silent; that is, those in the Assembly of God who do not praise Him.  Next, the psalmist declares that the righteous will never stop praising God.   In other words, they are alive and will live forever.
If you are alive in God’s sight, then your voice is heard in the congregation of His saints, praising Him for His wonderful works and grace.  But silence in the praises of God is an open testimony to all, saying, “Help me!  I am dying!”
In the Old West of the 1800’s, posters of criminals were sometimes nailed to walls around town with the words: “Wanted!  Dead or Alive”.  But friend, God is better than that.  He only wants you alive.  He wants to hear your voice blend with all His saints, singing joyful praise and offering Him thanksgiving for all that He has done.  He is calling out to you, saying, “Forsake the foolish, and live!