Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Government in the Assembly of God, Part 2

Rules for the Rulers

This is the second of four parts of a Bible study that I did some years ago.  Instead of writing out all my thoughts, I have decided to provide you only with my old notes and let you and the Lord fill in the gaps.  Enjoy the time with Jesus.

1. 1Peter 5:1–7:
The pastor’s primary function is to feed the flock of God with truth.
Jer. 3:12–15, 23:1–4: “Feed you with knowledge.”

God’s pastors do the work not because any man wills it.  One can occupy this position only by the gift and will of God.

Paul, in Acts 26:13–20: “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.”

God’s pastors do not do the work for money.
Jn. 10:11–13; Tit. 1:10–11: A hired man cannot stand the test.

God’s pastors do the work for God’s glory, not their own.
Jn. 7:16–18; 3Jn. 9: A self-appointed pastor seeks his own glory.

2. Matthew 18:1–6, 10:
Rulers in the Assembly of God are commanded not to take advantage of new converts.
2Pet. 2:1–3, 17–19.

3. Matthew 18:7–9:
Rulers in the Assembly of God are commanded to have as their first priority the welfare of the Assembly as a whole, without respect of persons.
1Cor. 5
1Tim. 5:20–21

4. Matthew 18:12–14:
Rulers in the Assembly of God are commanded to fear God in all their judgments because God is merciful (Gal. 6:1–2).

Note: The purpose of all government in God’s Assembly is the salvation, not the destruction of souls (Lk. 9:51–56).  Paul had extraordinary power, as seen in Acts 13:4–12 and in Acts 16:16–18, but he tells us that he was given that power to help God’s people, not to destroy them (2Cor. 13:1–10).