Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Origin of the Spiritual Light Book

Four times when I was a young man, Jesus spoke to me, revealing truths that are mysteries hidden in God.  He spread out those four visitations over four years, beginning in the summer of 1975, to give me time to study the Bible concerning each one.  I was a seminary student the first three times Jesus spoke to me, in 1975, 1976, and 1977.  What he revealed to me ended up being the first three chapters of my book, Spiritual Light.
The fourth chapter was the result of Jesus speaking to me in 1978.  I was working construction at the time, and I would come home after working hard all day and would often spend my time, after Barbara went to bed, alone with God and the Bible.  At first, I worried about staying up so late, knowing I had a hard day’s work ahead of me the next day, but desire for God was burning in my soul, and it drove me on.  But then I found, to my great joy, that whenever I stayed up late with Jesus, he gave me such rest when I did go to sleep that I was not tired the next morning!  It truly was miraculous.  Jesus had all my heart and all my attention, and that hunger for the things of God led me to hidden spiritual treasures.  The evening in 1978 when Jesus spoke to me as I was studying the scriptures, I rushed over to my father’s apartment to tell him what the Lord had said.  It was late, but he and my mother were up.  What a sweet conversation we had!  I thank God for such memories.
Young people, Jesus is more exciting than anything you can even think of to do in this world.  Spend time with him, with all your heart!  Give yourself to him and trust him, and you will rejoice at the results for the rest of your life here on earth, and then forever!
The Word of God changed me; it re-created me into a different person.  Those who knew me before the Word of God came to me had to adjust to the new man Jesus had made of me.  Some of my old acquaintances still only know the fool I once was.  I wish they knew this new man.  But that is up to God.  And I know this: no one can know me now without knowing what is in the four chapters of the book, Spiritual Light.  It is online and is attached, below.  You can skip the Introduction if you like, but read the four chapters.  They are not from me; they are incredible things from Jesus to me.  Read it and let’s start really getting acquainted.