Thursday, April 2, 2020

Government in the Assembly of God, Part 3

Guidance for Resolving Controversies in the Assembly
This is the third of four parts of a Bible study that I did some years ago.  Instead of writing out all my thoughts, I have decided to provide you only with my old notes and let you and the Lord fill in the gaps.  Enjoy the time with Jesus.

1. 1Corinthians 6:1–7:
The first step is humility and the love of God.  But some will not take it.  What then?

2. Matthew 18:21–22 and Luke 17:3–5:
The Assembly is to forgive any brother who repents, regardless of how many times he does so.

Note: repentance means a sincere turning away from the sin committed.

3. Matthew 18:15–20 and Titus 3:10–11 “and if he repent”:
It is foolish and ungodly to forgive where there is no repentance.  Forgiveness when there is no repentance is an endorsement of the sin.  Forgiveness for sins not repented of promotes wickedness, not righteousness.  God has never forgiven a sin not repented of.