Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Donna's new song: "Come out of Her"

We are working on Donna's powerful new song, Come Out of Her, My People. This is the chorus:
Come out of her, my people.
Come out right now.
Come and leave Christianity.
Come out of her right now.

It is a wonderful thing to me that God would even have let a person (Donna) conceive of such a song, much less sing it for His people! Where else on earth can we find someone courageous or wise enough to even allow Jesus to think such a message within them, much less have the desire and the talent to put this holy call of God to music?
I thank God with all my heart for letting me have a part in the production of this holy song, as well as the other songs that God is pouring out on those who meet at my house. It is our hope that the children of God everywhere will hear His call and "come outside the camp, bearing his reproach" with us.

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