Monday, August 30, 2010

True Liberty

What is it that you want that God does not want for you? Whatever it is, if there is anything, you are to that extent in bondage. This is the most prevalent form of bondage that exists on earth, though often unrecognized for what it is. Most people in this world are in bondage to themselves, to their own desires, rather than to the will of others.

I heard my father say many, many times, "I only want what God wants." The extent to which we can say that, and mean it, is the extent to which we are truly free in Christ Jesus, who himself wanted most of all to have only what God wanted for him.

True liberty is first and foremost, liberty from yourself. If you are not dominated by your own lusts, your own will, or your own opinions, but are instead subdued to the will of God for you, then you are among the few who are truly free.

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