Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Staying Excited

Part of a Sermon by Pastor John, February 18, 2012

One of the amazing things about Preacher Clark, the man of God that some of us grew up under, is that he always seemed to realize how valuable he was.  He had a flock of about fifteen or twenty people, and he thought his ministry was the greatest thing on earth.  He never lost sight of the value, the beauty, the holiness of life in the Spirit, and he never lost his joy and excitement about what was coming.  Never.  Anything from God is exciting, and he really had something from God.
May God save us from losing our excitement about what is truly of Him.  May we always be like Preacher Clark and live in excitement for what God can do with us, and for us.  Those who walk in the Spirit know in their hearts that the truth of the gospel of God is constantly molding us so that what comes out of our mouth is from Him and what we do with these bodies is of Him.  That kind of life has an effect; it has an effect on people that we don’t even think about.  Wherever Spirit-filled children of God go, into restaurants, or ball games, or wherever, people feel something good from them.  If we will walk in the Spirit of God, even our children will impress people with a feeling of goodness.  Some of us have had airline stewardesses come up to us and say, “Are they your children?  They are so good!  They’re different.”  That’s valuable, my friends.  It is a good testimony.  And we humbly thank Jesus for it!

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