Wednesday, December 2, 2015

True and Lasting

In this world, it is dangerous to have these things:

1. Worldly success
2. Physical attractiveness
3. High Intelligence
4. Physical skill or talent
5. Popularity

Not many people who have one or more of these is humble enough to please God.  I have seen each of these blessings destroy the soul that had it.  If you possess any one of these things, or several of them, and yet you still desire to please God, you should fall on your face and thank God for keeping you from the corrupting influence of the good things that this world has to offer.
True and lasting success is being faithful to the calling of God.  True and lasting beauty is a life of holiness.  True and lasting wisdom is the fruit of the fear of God.  True and lasting skill is knowing how to do what is right in God’s sight.  True and lasting popularity is being known by the family of God in heaven.
Trust in the invisible, true, and lasting richness of Christ.

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