Sunday, October 16, 2016

Let the Son Praise God through You!

Praise ye the Lord!  I will praise the LORD
with my whole heart in the assembly of the upright.”
Psalm 111:1

I will declare your name to my brothers.
In the midst of the congregation will I praise you.”
Psalm 22:22

In these verses, the hidden Son of God is speaking through the Psalmist, prophesying of the day when he would send the holy Spirit to us.  Every time the Spirit falls and we praise God, that prophecy is fulfilled.  That Spirit which falls on us is the Son (2Cor. 3:17) praising God through us “in the midst of the congregation”.
When you yield to the Spirit and let the Son praise God through you, you play a part in the fulfillment of the Son’s ancient prophecy of how he would praise God in the congregation of New Testament saints.

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