Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Obedience in Between

Remember the word unto your servant,
upon which you have caused me to hope.
You have dealt well with your servant,
O LORD, according to your word.”
Psalm 119:49, 65

God made a promise to David which gave David hope.  In the end, David was happy because his hope had been realized.  But it is David’s obedience in between the beginning and the end that made the end a happy one for David.  Between the two verses above, 49 and 65, we find these things: 
“I have not declined from your law” (v. 51).
“I have kept your law” (v. 55).
“I kept your precepts” (v. 56).
“I made haste, and delayed not to keep your commandments” (v. 60).
“I have not forgotten your law” (v. 61).
“I am a companion of all them that fear you, and of them that keep your precepts” (v. 63).
This obedience to the will of God is what brought about the fulfillment of God’s promise to David.  Without that obedience, David could have hoped as much as he liked, but God would not have fulfilled His promise.  He would have broken it, the way He once broke His promise to Israel when they rebelled against Him (Num. 14:34).

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