Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Government in the Assembly of God, Part 1

The Character of God’s Government

This is the first of four parts of a Bible study that I did some years ago.  Instead of writing out all my thoughts, I have decided to provide you only with my old notes and let you and the Lord fill in the gaps.  Enjoy the time with Jesus.

1. Greater Authority Requires Greater Humility
Lk. 22:24–27: The greater must be humbler.
Eph. 5:22–25.

2. All Genuine Authority over the Saints Comes from God
Heb. 5:1–5: Volunteers Are Not Accepted

Acts 20:28:
One has no authority over you in Christ unless Christ has put him there.
There is no authority in the Assembly of God unless someone has been anointed by the holy Ghost to be in authority over God’s saints.

Proverbs 29:18 (“vision” here and in the verses below means “revelation”):
God’s people suffer greatly, and sometimes perish, when there is no one anointed by God to guide them (1Sam. 3:1), or when their pastors only imagine that they have heard from God (Jer. 14:14, 23:16).

Ezekiel 13:1–16:
Nothing built upon false teachings will endure, no matter how many people trust in it.  Hope placed in false doctrine will not be realized.

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