Friday, October 10, 2008

"Judgment Day"

“God has appointed a day
in which He will judge the world in righteousness
by that man whom He has ordained.”
Paul, in Acts 17:31

The phrase, “Judgment Day” can be a misleading term. That great and terrible day will not be a day of making judgments at all; rather, it will be a day of pronouncing of judgment. On “Judgment Day”, Jesus will not need to study the record of our deeds and then try to decide what to do with us. His decisions are being made now, while we live. We are all being judged right now, based on what we are doing right now. Then, what will happen on “Judgment Day” is the Lord’s pronouncement of our eternal judgment. May God give us the grace to receive an eternal inheritance “among the saints in light”!

Because of this truth, the upright can “rest in peace”. They who have kept the faith can peacefully “fall asleep” in Christ with great hope, knowing that Judgment Day is coming, and longing for it to come.

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