Friday, October 10, 2008

The Only Right Response

From a conversation with Brother Bob Payne.
Brother Bob pointed out to me recently that whatever the Lord does to us ought to make us humble. No matter what God does, he said, whether He blesses or curses, heals or harms, praises or rebukes, rewards or chastens, the only right response from anyone to what God does is humility before God.

If being blessed does not make you humbler before God, then you probably need to suffer for a while. Seeing that, and loving you, God will no doubt provide that need in your life. Then, if suffering succeeds in helping you become humble, then your heavenly Father will no doubt bless you again because that is always His first choice for us. God takes no pleasure in seeing humans suffer, other than what good that suffering may do for our soul.

Remember! No matter what God does in our lives, He is right. And so, if we have a wise heart, whatever God does to us will only serve make us more aware of His greatness and, so, enable us to humble ourselves ever more before Him.

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