Thursday, December 8, 2016

“It Is Time for You To Work”

It is time for you to work, O LORD,
for they have made your law void.”
Psalm 119:126

This was not David talking; the law was nowhere near being voided in his day.  This was the Son speaking through David, revealing that God would begin His work of making a new covenant when Israel completed their downhill slide, away from the law of Moses.
Paul said that God sent His Son “in the fullness” of time.  Part of what made the time “full” was the lack of influence Moses’ law had come to have among those who belonged to God.  They had chosen to invent their own traditions instead.
The law of the New Testament is in the holy Ghost, and for many who truly do belong to God, Christian tradition has supplanted the Spirit’s influence in their hearts.  I wonder how close we are to making the Son say again to the Father, “It is time for you to work, for they have made your law [of the Spirit] void”?

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